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We have the tendency to feel sorry for ourselves. Some people don't have that option, that's who I think of when I am. This why I GET UP and do what I do every single day. My grandma, Maria Benividez, actually founded SIMOO many years ago. My grandma and grandpa had 5 children together. The oldest, of which was my father, Jerry, Jr. He was around the age of 12 at the time this story begins. 

 From what I know, my grandparents didn't have a healthy relationship in many ways. My grandpa had a drinking problem along with anger issues and wasn't ready to be a committed relationship with a wife and 5 kids. I also know that he worked very hard and was a veteran who served our country for 4 years. My grandpa would take my dad to work with him to clean buildings and work various odd jobs at a very early age, so that my dad would understand the meaning of hard work. I am forever grateful he did this. But one day, my grandpa decided on his own, that he no longer wanted to take on the pressure of being the man of the house and handed those duties to the oldest, my dad. I believe my grandma founded SIMOO in the days that followed.

 Deserted by her husband, heartbroken, 5 kids, could barely speak English, limited education and multiple jobs paying minimum wage. Imagine the heartbreak. Think of the battle she would face. She would to have to GET UP and provide for her children. She did it, every day, GOT UP and provided for herself and her family. Taking the bus to her 2 or more jobs every day. My dad, now being the man of the house would work various odd jobs that he could (being a young teenager and all) in order to help my grandma provide for the rest of the family. My dad was going to school, but I imagine at the time he didn't realize how important school was and had other things in mind, understandably so. Instead, he used what he had - his personality, grit and charisma to build strong relationships with the people around him. One of these relationships was with my mom, which I am forever grateful. After my grandpa left my dad tells me stories that he would pray to God every day to give him an opportunity to get out of his struggle, to make his mom proud and pay her back for everything she did and went through. 

 He would repeat this prayer every day and his consistent grind continued until one day, a door was opened for him. A nearby beer distributor was looking for guys who would GET UP and work hard every day. Great pay and long /early hours. That is a no brainer for a guy who had never made any real money from a legitimate job. No more being the recipient of charity gift drives. No more buttered tortillas for dinner, (o.k. that's good stuff right there) This new money meant a different life, the one he had always dreamed of, where he would be able to provide for his existing family and plan for his new one. Years passed and I came along. I don't remember much about my early childhood but what I certainly remember is my mom's overwhelming love and my dads unmatched hunger/determination to provide a better life for his family than the one he had. My mom stayed at home to so that she could raise me. We were what I viewed as the standard lower middle-class family with money issues. My dad worked hard every day to save what he could and pay our bills on time. We lived in Pleasant Grove, which was in Dallas, Texas. I honestly don't remember it being anything other than pleasant, that's because my mom would never let me get hurt and a father who would make sure that nothing would get in the way of the potential he saw in me. 

 My brother, Jacob was born, then we moved. We lived in apartments and shared a room with my brother for most of our lives. Until one day, we moved to Allen, Texas, My dad saved up enough money to buy the dream house he always wanted. A beautiful home right in the middle of a fast-growing city. My dad made sure that we never wanted for anything. It is not until I got older that I began to realize the struggles my dad faced working to provide for a family after what he came from and what that house meant to him.

The American Dream. I am ashamed now thinking back about what all I took for granted. 

 I was involved in sports at an early age, which I believe my dad used to ensure that I followed the right path. Football season... is how I remember most of my childhood. Also, snippets of my parents arguing about money. I never wanted my parents to argue - so, at an early age, I decided that I was going to be good with money, and that if I had enough money that my parents would never argue again. I would work hard like my dad taught me and save money and it wouldn't be a problem for me or my family. I also realized that I wanted to help other people with their financial problems. I like to say I got my first real job at age 14. I was a janitor. Our neighbor, Mark Madole owned his own gym. We would wake up at 4 a.m., go to the gym  and I would clean the bathrooms and keep myself very busy and we would leave anytime from 12-3. I am forever grateful I had the opportunity to do this. I saved enough money to take care of my own expenses, but never had to help with paying bills like my dad did growing up. Something that I didn't fully appreciate until later in life. I swore to myself that I would pay them back and buy my parents a house. 

 I was 15 years old when SIMOO came to me  via an Eminem verse in the song "Lose Yourself." He raps "Success is my only (bleep) option." I heard this and I felt it! I felt so strongly about it, knowing the struggles my dad faced and the fact that I had always been driven to make an impact in this world, but just didn't know what it was I would say at that moment it hit me, I wanted to have such drive and genuine passion for success that others would find motivation for their own success just from knowing me or being around me. I took out the (bleep) and said "Success is my only option." SIMOO, I like that! Unfortunately, despite this critical event where I branded SIMOO, there would be various mistakes that would be made along the way to get where we are today. I squeaked by until my senior year in high school and get an offer to go to a Division III school, Hardin - Simmons, to play football. I was surrounded by coaches and liked-minded people who were focused on being successful in their own right. I worked 3 jobs and took out students loans to pay for what the scholarships didn't cover. I am also forever grateful for this experience. 

 After graduating, I got a job in Finance. Doors were opened for me, which I am also forever grateful.

 15 years old. Listening to "Lose Yourself " while my parents argued about money. I have to accomplish 3 things:

 Be the first in my family to graduate college - accomplished that 8 years later.

  1. Help my parents buy a house - accomplished that 10 years later.
  2. When I saved enough money - I would build SIMOO as a brand to help change people's lives for the better. 13 years later, here we are! Let's go! This is my story! What is yours?

 We would love to hear your story. Please go to the contact us page where you can write us and possibly be featured on our page.

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