Impact: Paying It Forward & Positively Impacting Those Around You

Impact: Paying It Forward & Positively Impacting Those Around You



By: Rohan Garg

Make a Difference: Cause a Chain Reaction

I had the opportunity to sit in the room as Trey Smith gave his acceptance speech for winning the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year in 2020.  “I am so thankful to be up here with y’all, but you know it’s not about me. It’s about all the people involved in my life… It’s about who we all can impact. We have to impact people while we have time on earth. That’s what is really about. That is what is most important.” He said this into room of about 300 people where you could hear a pin drop. Trey Smith is a senior offensive lineman at the University of Tennessee.

In 2018, Smith was diagnosed with blood clots and told he would never play football again. He ended up playing in 13 games during the 2019 season and is arguably one of the best linemen in college football. He could have declared for the NFL draft for 2020 but chose to stay in college for his senior year to graduate because he promised his mother, who passed away when he was 15, that he would do this. Not only, is what he does on the field impressive but he has also worked to make an impact off the field with various youth organizations to which he donates his time.

The foundation of SIMOO is built on making a positive impact in others’ lives. Just as success means something different for everyone, the impact is the same. For some, this means making an impact on your family and children, teammates, and others in the community. For others, it could mean making an impact on the environment or future generations to come. The point is, as Trey Smith put it, no matter what you are doing- while we are here on this earth it is important to make an impact on others. Whether that is your time, money, resources, etc. There are a ton of different ways to make a positive impact on those around you.

As far as your financial impact, for those of you that have been on a plane, you have heard the video explaining that in an event of low oxygen in the cabin, masks will deploy. They tell you to secure your mask BEFORE helping others. Similar to this- you are not in an ideal position to help anyone if your finances are in a bad position. This will likely be more applicable to those of you that are younger and earlier on in your path to success. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST. Focus on your education, focus on finding meaningful work, focus on paying off your debt. Taking care of these steps first will enable you to make a larger impact down the road. At this stage, focus on your behaviors. People are watching! Lead with your actions. Potentially put your time towards the causes that are close to you. This is the incubation stage.

Many of you are now at a stage where you are comfortable in your career, you have a stable income and feel like you have started to figure things out. Do not forget those individuals that made an impact on you on this journey. We all have family members, coaches, professors, managers that have influenced us to get to this stage. Someone along your early journey to success through you a bone motivated you. You did not get here by yourself, and now you are in a position to help others. Think about causes you care for. Grab someone and lift them. You may be in a position to help now. Focus on things that are meaningful to you.

SIMOO Industries partners with various schools/athletic programs along with Big Thought- an organization that partners with youth to provide creative learning programs to enrich their lives and futures. Find what moves you. Here are some examples of our favorite places to donate ourselves to:

- Big Thought-

- United Way-

- Boys & Girls Club-

- Feeding America-

- Habitat for Humanity-

Find or establish charities that work with the groups you want to impact. Research them, and make sure your money/time/resources are being spent how you want. Hold yourself and others accountable. The difference you make in someone else’s life today could be the difference they make in someone else’s tomorrow. Cause a chain reaction.

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